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Jorge Saggal, Fashion Designer

San Jose, Costa Rica
Born in Argentina, Jorge Saggal has fully embraced “la Pura Vida” (the good life) that “Ticos” cherish so
much. After moving to Costa Rica a few years ago, Jorge has gained a reputation for his style and bold
fashion statements. “The nutcase of fashion”, as he has come to be known, is always dressed for the
occasion, with his hundreds of collections, designed by him, that feature hard-to-miss bright
colored fabrics. You might even spot superheroes or cartoons, like Mafalda or the Pink Panther, on his
impeccably designed outfits.


But fashion design is more of a hobby for Jorge, as he is also an accomplished restauranteur. He owns
“El Tenedor Argentino,” a favorite gem in the heart of San Jose, and “El Abasto Centro Gastronomico”,
featuring Mediterranean, Italian and Spanish food. Jorge himself can be spotted by passers-by in either
of these places flaunting his crazy fashion. “El Abasto” is more than a food joint: It frequently features
plastic artists, tango dance, or standup comedy, and it is decorated with flashy antiques and bright-
colored walls, with a circus feeling.


Jorge currently owns a clothing brand for men, but still believes Costa Rican men are a bit conservative
in the area of fashion, so he is beginning to design clothes for women as well. Having lived in Barcelona,
Spain and in England, he comes with an open mind to the fashion world, and finds his fabrics in Miami,
in Europe and even at local San Jose shops where he finds his ‘craziest’ designs. Jorge confesses to be in
love with Costa Rica, especially the beaches, where he practices yoga, and the amiability of the “ticos”
(Costa Ricans) who have embraced this “nutcase of fashion” as one of their own.

“People call me crazy, but I don’t care. I just want to be unique.” Jorge Saggal

Editor, Eva Tejada

Nelly Bernal, Shoe Designer

Nelly Bernal is the creative director and CEO to Nelly Bernal LLC a woman’s Footwear Company that specializes in fierce, fashion forward shoes. Nelly attended fashion school at Istituto di Moda Burgo in Milan, Italy one of the fashion capitols of the world. In 2010 she graduated top 3 in her class with a fashion/footwear degree and when she returned back to the US she quickly landed a job in the footwear industry as a designer. Through her experience working with many companies she has designed shoes for brands like Steve Madden, Forever 21, Shoe Dazzle, Charlotte Rouge, Bebe, and Journey’s to mention a few. In 2015 she launched her own footwear brand Nelly Bernal LLC. Her brand is now being sold in over 300 boutiques across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Nelly Bernal is originally from Juarez Mexico. She has been living in Denver, CO since 1988. Her goal is to empower woman one step at a time!


Favorite quote:

“Give a woman the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world” –Marilyn Manroe

Mirtha Santacruz, Fashion Designer

Mirtha comes from Asuncion, Paraguay. Her parents were artists who introduced her to a life of creativity. From a young age, she felt connected to all forms of art. She became a dancer and instructor of Paraguayan folkloric and Spanish flamenco dance.


Mirtha is also an entrepreneur, with her handmade decorations and accessories for parties and weddings. Her hand-sewn additions to women’s clothing using the techniques of appliqué, embroidery and beadwork have become popular and very sought-after.


Mirtha migrated to the United States in 2015 and started a new life with her American husband. She is excited for this opportunity to showcase her creativity and her many talents.

You can learn more about her and enjoy her designs on Instagram at mirtha_art. And she would love to create something unique for your special day! Thank you for your support!